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11 Reasons to Visit Lager11 (ad)

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

New Fall Hours: Sunday: 1pm-8pm Wednesday: 11am-1pm

Thur & Fri: 4pm -11pm

Saturday: 12pm - 11pm

This community-based hub is part of Sluppen’s vision for creating a new and vibrant neighbourhood in the city’s extension of the downtown core, from Junkyard to Junction.

Lager11 has been described as a place to remember. Taking a bottom-up approach, property-developers turned community organisers have successfully shaped a location that nearby residents are proud to claim as part of ‘their hood’. With the intention of drawing people of all ages to this new space, Marketing and Communication Director, Mette Moen Baatvik wishes to create an international feeling and “expand visitors mindset of what Trondheim is, and what it could potentially be”. All of this with a goal to “make Trondheim bigger”.

Quickly becoming a landmark in Trondheim, Lager11 recently celebrated their first year of operations on June 13th. Offering 8 food stalls, a coffee and dessert stand, and bar, Lager11 offers everything from authentic Indian curry, to Chilean empanadas to Chinese dumplings. They have successfully navigated through the rough period of the pandemic, yet nonetheless managed to expand their food stall options and safely house, coordinate, host and inspire many events and pop-ups. You can book your own events directly, or content them with your suggestions. Activities prior to, and after opening have included Sluppenfest, Kosmorama Film Festival, Confirmations, Circus School performances, Design Market, Dj nights and theatre performances from young debutants.

Kjeldsberg and Lager11 have focused their art of collaboration in urban development plans but being open to suggestion and allowing for experimentation of ideas, like their new after work Friday concept, to grow into permanent offerings. Lager11 is a driven hub facilitating partnerships from a myriad of communities, including new international residents and immigrants wishing to share their love of food from their homeland with the greater region of Trondheim -- to UN Centre of Excellence SDGs and Smart City projects -- to art collaborations with high school students from Thora Storm.

“Lager11 has created huge opportunities for us, allowing us to establish ourselves in the food and beverage industry. It’s acted like a launchpad, providing training and certification and helping us to prepare the food we love, for great people. If I had one recommendation for people coming out of COVID-19 it would be: enjoy your life! Visit Lager11!” -Toan, from Bui Bai Vietnamese

In celebration of their 1-year birthday, we have compiled a list of the best reasons to visit Lager11 – it is so much more than a food hall.

1. Good food from around the world

Photo: Camilla K Nilssen

With 8 stalls and a bar including everything from Syrian salads, to noodle soup, to steamed buns, and good brews, this is one place where the entire family can agree on a meal. Not to mention, it’s the only place in Trondheim to get genuine Polish perogies! Fun-fact.

2. Inclusive vibes

Photo: Bennet/Lager11

The people are great, and hailing from around the world. It’s not easy moving to a new country. Lager11 has created a physical space that binds newcomers and provides them with an opportunity to train, become accredited and establish small businesses to support their families. Plus, everyone is really nice!

3: Dj Fridays

Photo: Lea Maria Sjøblom

Forever on the hunt for a good afterwork, Lager11 is inviting guests Djs for the coming months to contribute building a good atmosphere. Cycle over after a day of classes on Friday evening, or join colleagues on the patio after work. Situated across the street from NTNU’s examination centre provides the perfect location for ‘Post-exam Chill’ events to be launched this November.

4: Francis Café

After much demand, Lager11 has introduced a new coffee and a tasty bubble-waffle desert concept. You can order the ‘Heia Norge!’ with ice-cream, the ‘American’ with Oreo cookies and ice-cream, the or go wild and order the ‘Caribbean’ with mango sorbet and fruit. This booth is an equal opportunity employer, helping people integrate into local work-life through internships.

5. Parents and kids’ mixer

Photo: Kine H Ravndal

Based on the suggestion from a local food stall operator, Lager11 has launched a parent and kids meetup, or ‘maternity leave mixer’ on Wednesdays from 12:00. Join in for baby song, snack-time and chats.

6. Blackbox

This is a fully functional and equipped sound and stage for your next event. Put on your next art event, play a small concert or invite 200 of your closest friends to your birthday party.

7. Insight project

Photo: Håkon Mjøs

A relaxed open stage and mic evening that allows you to gain first-hand knowledge about what’s happening in the art and culture spectrums of the city. Here you can share some poetry, thoughts or expressions, in a no-judgment zone.

8. Fun activities

Photo: Camilla K Nilssen

This past year a variety of festivals and events have been arranged, such as: concerts, music bingo, Dj evenings, vintage markets, clothing and swap events, engineering workshops for youth, and more.

9. True to design

Photo: Camilla K Nilssen

Lager11 is a former factory. Today, it looks like a factory filled with content and people. If you wander around the area you can stumble upon remnants of a time past, brought into the now. Whether it an art mural created by students, or the original industrial lamps from a century past that have been refurbed into something colourful and cool. Take a look around, there is always something new.

10. Workspace for culture industry

Photo: Håkon Mjøs

Rent a desk-space in the office area on the second floor, home to a number of freelancers and small businesses operating in the culture branch. You may just find your next partner!

11. Open for collaboration

Photo: Robert Evensen

Lager11 is on the search for people with ideas who want to coordinate pop-ups, events, brainstorm concepts, or just get creative.

*Good news! Visit Lager11 has entered into extended agreements with Tier to expand their electric scooter reach to Sluppen, as well as Wolt, who know delivers to Sluppen and will happily service your home delivery meal ordered from Lager11.


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