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6 Summer Activities To Do at the Trondheim Fjord

This summer you can experience the Trondheim Fjord beyond simply getting a glimpse of it while you're walking between destinations. Trondheim is blessed with access not only to beautiful views of the Fjord, but to many Fjord experiences. Use more than just your eyeballs to enjoy the Fjord and get out there with your entire physical essence!

1. Going on a Boat Excursion with Trondheim by Boat

A photo of three skippers on an åfjord boat on the trondheim fjord in black and white
The Trondheim by Boat skippers on their Åfjord boat. Photo credit to Trondheim by Boat.

Amanda’s 3 Favourite Spots on the Fjord:

  1. Skansen Sailing Harbour – The harbour is a cosy and nostalgic spot to catch the sunset. The whole place has this wonderful, beautiful glow.

  2. Brikka – This area of Nidelva is popular for a reason, it’s classic and beautiful! The colourful houses are always are always a bright sight to see!

  3. Submarine Bunkers Dora – sailing underneath here is a rare experience that is only possible at low tide. Visiting here can be creepy and dark, but very fascinating and exciting.

2. Doing a cold plunge and having a swim in the Fjord

The island of Munkholmen surrounded by the seas of the Trondheim fjord with a cloudy sky overhead.
Munkholmen in the distance on the Trondheim Fjord. Taken by Patrick Webb.

The best way to experience the Fjord is from within. To feel the full force of Trondheim Fjord is one of the best parts of the summer. Whether you are getting off work and need a good cool-down and fun, or you are visiting Norway and checking swimming in a Fjord off your bucket list, here are some of the best places to jump in!

Best Places to Jump in the Fjord

  • Sjøbadet

  • Korsvika

  • Kyvannet Beach

  • Munkholmen

3. Going for a kayak or paddleboard adventure

Two women in kayaks in a river with brygge on either side of them on the short with trees in the background and a cloudy sky overhead.
Two friends kayaking on the Nidelva River.

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding are active methods for exploring the Fjord in a sustainable and affordable way. The sea kayaks, which are wide two-person kayaks, are designed for stability in higher risk expeditions and allow for rigorous Fjord exploring. While the paddleboard excursions consist of a higher dunk potential and cover fewer sights with a little more foolish child-like fun.

Kayak and SUP adventures can be found at

4. Having a spa day (or night) at Havet

Four people in the pools at a spa in the winter surrounded by four little wooden saunas.
Some spa-goers enjoying the Havet pools at night. Photo credit to Havet.

Havet is made up of several different components of activity and event facilities to make up one hub for entertainment. The activity arena has views of the Fjord, situated in the port area of Nyhavna.

Nothing gets more relaxing than being on the water, nothing except for a day at the spa on the water. Ark is Trondheim’s floating village of saunas, fresh baths, and of course restaurant and bar. Swimming in the fresh seawater, after a detoxifying and cleansing sauna, is a sensation like no other. This part of Havet offers varying packages and facility memberships to meet the sauna needs of locals and tourists alike.

Although Ark is reason enough to visit, Havet also has a stage and dining. Heim stage and bar is a fun and cool atmosphere for live entertainment and social gathering.

As of now, Havet is currently closed but will be opening within the next coming months of 2022.

Upcoming Events at Havet:

5. Attending an Oil Ceremony at Sjøbadet Trondheim

A wooden building situated on a wooden deck with white deck furniture and blue sky in the background.
Sjøbadet facilities. Photo credit to Sjøbadet.

Sjøbadet is an all-season member-based sea bath at St. Olavs Pier in Trondheim. The facilities include a multi-tiered dive tower into the Fjord. The bathhouse has a special view of the sunset on the Fjord overlooking Munkholmen.

Sjøbadet arranges public bathing and sauna facilities. The sea baths are open to the public, during the summer every last weekend of the month and also on particularly good-weathered days. For Sjøbadet, a good weather day refers to all sunny days or days with a temperature above 15 degrees and no rain.

Aufguss ceremony at Sjøbadet consists of pouring water and essential oils mixture of the hot stones of the sauna. The steam rising from the stones creates an aromatic atmosphere and various positive effects on the body depending on the oil. The whole oil ceremony lasts about 5 to 15 minutes and can be very revitalizing.

6. Dining with an intimate view of the Fjord

The buildings of Trondheim lit up at twilight with the Trondheim fjord in the background in the winter.
View of Rockheim's Panorama restaurant. Photo credit to Rockheim.

There's nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal by the sea. The salty breeze on your skin adding to the flavour palette of the experience. And if you're inside, just the view alone can add a nice calming but thrilling element to a meal.

Best Fjord-side dining in Trondheim:

  • Rockheim Museum – Rockheim is the museum of popular Norwegian music dating from the 1950s forward. The fifth-floor museum restaurant has a raised view of the Fjord from a large outdoor terrace.

  • Clarion Hotel – In addition to the beautiful seaside room and board, the Clarion has a bar, restaurant, indoor and outdoor pools, and spa amenities. The Kitchen & Table restaurant gives full credit to the Fjord with dramatic ocean views, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Ladekaia – This restaurant evokes a sense of Norwegian nostalgia with an informal and coastal feel for a good locally-sourced meal. The restaurant is known for its impeccable views and pleasant atmosphere.


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