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Advertorial: SiT Accesses Funding to help Students Help Each Other

Photo: SiT

What is SiT?

SiT is every student’s mother in Trondheim, in a way. SiT takes care of student-welfare by ensuring their access to affordable housing, food, exercise, along with lots of other benefits and services like doctors, dentist refunds, and kindergarten. SiT is an all-round caregiver, hence their slogan: “here for you”. Some live in SiT’s provided living spaces for up to five years, some see SiT-psychologists for six months, others might benefit by having their student-association funded by SiT -- or by merely getting some free oatmeal on Thursday mornings.


This year, SiT has started up a new project called SiT-labs. SiT-labs aims to renew the way we see and take care of students. There are lots of new projects under SiT-labs, some driven by SiT, some by students. They all involve students developing new functions and events for SiT. For example, this summer SiT has employed 50 students to come together and innovate for better student welfare. These students work on new, exciting ways to help every student thrive during their time here in Trondheim. Some of them are working to build the student lounge and student centre in the Central building at Gløshaugen, a natural place for students to hang out and take a break, meet new people and get informal tips, tricks and advice from the ‘hosts’ employed by SiT.

Photo: Elin Iversen

“In My Experience” - a project for and by students

Another project that SiT is currently working on, together with Study Trondheim and Velferdstinget, is the “In My Experience,” or IME project. IME is a national pilot for collecting rich data about what makes a productive study environment for students. Over a period of three years, the data will be gathered and then interpreted, to be applied for increasing well being among students. This sets it apart from traditional surveys, where the students rarely see any change during their own university stay. Another major difference is that IME lets students explain themselves, about how a particular situation was important to them, and then reflect upon the incident afterwards. It provides rich context when analysing, but it also encourages self-reflection in students and allows a new understanding of one’s own feelings. IME will begin workshops where students get invited to help interpret the data that has been collected so far. At the end of workshops, we will discuss what measures can be taken to improve the life of students in Trondheim.

Are you a student? We want your feedback!

IME is always open for new stories from students. The project is all about getting a wide variety of stories, in order to understand a very wide and complex group of people. We want to find out what’s most important to you. To share a story or participate in a workshop, visit Every story is welcome.


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