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Cool Things To Know about Trondheim by Boat and their Tours

Get to know what a boat tour feels like on Trondheim's very own fjord with Trondheim by Boat's very own founder and manager, Amanda Hausken.

Being on a boat tour on the fjord gives a looking glass view of Trondheim in its entirety, colours and all. Getting out of the city and into the fresh sea air can be difficult and the importance can be easily forgotten, but this can be overcome with the help of Trondheim by Boat.

How Trondheim by Boat Came to Be

Amanda Hausken, the woman behind the operation, started Trondheim by Boat in 2019 when working in tourism and had been hearing repeated requests for boat tours. At the time, she had been already been working in service and travel for several years, since her first job at 15 years old.

Amanda Hausken sitting cross-legged on top of her Åfjord boat.
Amanda Hausken sitting cross-legged on top of her Åfjord boat. Taken by Patrick Webb.

Making this big switch from employee to CEO, Amanda is able to “do something more authentic and personal”. This alignment in Amanda’s willingness and her background in sailing, coming from generations of seamen and inheriting a love of water, is truly what made Trondheim by Boat possible.

Types of Boat Trips and Tours

Trondheim by Boat offers boat trips of the city river Nidelva and the Trondheim Fjord, every day of the year. They guide you through adventures from chasing the northern lights in the winter to chasing the golden horizon at the late-night midsummer sunset. The experiences offered are filled with Norwegian culture and are a great way to get to know Trondheim, whether you are new to Trondheim or not.

“So, we sail into the sunset. We go fishing. We create a meeting place for people who come from all over the world, who suddenly find themselves in the same boat, sailing the same journey. People start talking and they can really connect.”

– Amanda Hausken, Trondheim by Boat

Dining Experiences

Now at only 24 years old, Amanda continues to come out with innovative ways to explore Trondheim by Boat, partnering with local restaurants and museums to curate a unique experience. The Trønderturen trip delivers you to the closest pier of a partnered restaurant, after an adventure on the water.

“Most people just go out for dinner, which is lovely. But to connect it to an experience, and on one of our boat tours, that will be memorable. It'll be the event that people will talk about many years later even.”

– Amanda Hausken, Trondheim by Boat

Fishing Excursions

The hidden gem of Trondheim by Boat is the fishing excursions, which consist of groups of up to 8 people approximately for a more intimate trip. It is really recommended for locals, families or anyone looking for a more personal, relaxing “not down to earth but down to water” type of fun. The boat, the equipment and a guide are provided, and you even get to take home what you catch, in packaged fillets.

Boat Type and History

Sailboats have an extensive historic value for Norway and Trondheim. What better way to explore Trondheim Fjord than in the type of boat used throughout Norwegian History on these same waters?

The tours use a traditional Åfjords boat, in the recently UNESCO recognized clinker-style to deliver an authentic Norwegian mode of travel and exploration. The boat is named Frøya, after the Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle, and death; it signifies divine feminine strength which is representative of the company’s team of mostly women skippers.

Amanda Hausken and a couple of the skippers on her team standing in the Åfjord boat. Black and white image.
Amanda Hausken and a couple of the skippers on her team standing in the Åfjord boat

Sustainability at Heart

Sustainability and the appreciation of the sea and nature is the main motivator for Trondheim by Boat. All trips strive for harmony with nature and the fishing is not only for the experience but also as a source of food, there’s no waste of life. The fun comes along with the sustainable practice of Trondheim by Boat trips!


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