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Experience Oppdal

Just 1 hour and 45 minutes by car, or 2 hours by train, 118 km south of Trondheim, you’ll find the outdoor playground of Oppdal.

Photos: Terje Aamodt

In collaboration with Visit Oppdal

Oppdal has offers for every taste.

Outdoor If you are into downhill skiing, Oppdal has one of Norway's finest ski resorts, Oppdal Skisenter, extending over four mountains, Vangslia, Støre, Ådalen, and Hovden. All over 1000 meters.

You can even travel between the mountains on your skis via lifts and practical routes.

The ski resort offers full amenities: cafés, restaurants, and ski shops. If you don’t have your own equipment, not to worry! You can rent just for the weekend.

Speaking of mountains, if you prefer uphill to downhill, Oppdal has great terrain and miles of ski trails. The mountains stretch from Dovrefjell to the south, to Trollheimen in the north. At Dovrefjell, you can find Dovregubben’s Hall, the very same made famous by Norwegian composer Edward Grieg (Hall of the Mountain King), and Trollheimen is the home of the trolls.

If you don’t love skiing but enjoy a good hike, you don’t have to be an advanced mountaineer to go on a mountain trip here, there are routes for every level of expertise. You will not find a better view this close to Trondheim!

Snøhetta, pictured left is one of the most optimal look-out points for the musk ox, the only breed left of its kind in the world. Beware though, they are as tough as they look, so keep your distance!

Uphill skiing, downhill skiing, mountaineering, this kind of movement is not for everyone. If you prefer just chill, you can try guided-ice fishing. Sit down with a cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful nature and hills, and catch some trout or Arctic char.

For Arctic char you use a tiny rod called a pilk through a hole in the ice. For trout, you typically use an overnight trap. If you are lucky, you can wake up and eat trout for breakfast! Indoor

And if ♫ the weather outside is frightening ♫... Fear not. Oppdal hosts Norway's tallest indoor climbing wall! Stop by Krux Klatring to challenge yourself or just have fun! Krux Klatring offers both bouldering courses, as well as rope climbing.

If you are staying for any length of time and need to get some work done, Krux Innovation Centre recently opened – a co-working space that has already taken health precautions so you can feel safe renting a space to work home-away-from-home.

Oppdal also has an indoor waterpark, a cinema, and a great library all in the same building - Oppdal Kulturhus.

Oppdal, of course!


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