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Finn Fram Fest

Have you ever dreamt of being a singer, an athlete, a painter or perhaps an explorer?

Finn Fram Fest is the place where those dreams can become reality, even for a day!

Kulturenheten in Trondheim kommune, together with Trøndelag Idrettsråd and Trøndelag idrettskrets are gathering different leisure activities available in Trondheim. All in one place, making it easier to get an understanding for the broad offerings of activities in Trondheim.

This is the first year they are arranging this event, and it will take place at Trondheim Spektrum.

At 19th of June, Trondheim Spektrum will be filled with different sports, cultural and outdoor life activities such as: musical courses, table tennis, curling, fencing, yoga, dancing, bowling, circus, scouting, cheerleading, e-sports and more!

Finn Fram Fest is where you can come, see, try and discover different leisure activities offered in Trondheim, for free.

This is a perfect event to try and take the first step towards making your dreams come true!

There are loads of leisure activities available in Trondheim, some you might not even have heard about before! This is why the event was created, making it easier for people to find different activities available in Trondheim.

There will also be performances and guest speakers such as basketball player Marco Elsafadi and singer Sandra Lyng. In other words: It's going to be lots of fun!

Finn Fram Fest is happening on June 19 in Trondheim Spektrum.

The event is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, physical fitness and previous experience. Free entrance.


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