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Frida Orupabo // Kunsthall // Sept 23 - Nov 21

Photo: Frida Orupabo and Galerie Nordenhake Stockholm

If you are a fan of collage, interested in social commentary, invested in discussions about race and gender, or a lover of art in general you won’t want to miss the next exhibition to hit Kunsthall Trondheim! Beginning on September 23, Frida Orupabo’s work will be displayed at Kunsthall Trondheim in the exhibition How did you feel when you come out of the wilderness.

Orupabo describes herself as a pessimist when it comes to progress and you can see why when you examine her work. Using images from archival matter and through various media and collage work she explores that question: has anything changed? Has there been any progress and has it been significant? As the daughter of a Norwegian mother and a Nigerian father, Orupabo is uniquely placed to investigate these questions. Her figures of women are often staring directly at the viewer, demanding answers to these questions.

Orupabo’s background as a sociologist helps her see the broader trends through history and knit together the political as well as the personal. Some of her collages show men birthing children, existentially-injured creatures, figures examining other figures from other works, and often caged or otherwise immobilized women.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the work of one of Norway’s most interesting collage artists today. The exhibition ends on November 21 and is always free to see.


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