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A look into HYFER — Trondheim's new knowledge sharing festival

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

A Norwegian futures-festival of arts and science creating an unpretentious playground for curious and open-minded humans.

Hyfer is for the curious minds. For the artist who dreams of new futures, looking to harness new technology that an engineer is developing. For the scientist who wants to connect with the public and learn from theirexperiences. For the youth who are inspired by new discoveries and questions that scientists explore. For the student who talks to established minds and challenges the status quo.

Photo Credits: Anthony Delanoix

Harnessing the spirit of creativity – the fuel of human ingenuity that can never be depleted – Hyfer is creating a network of knowledge, synergies, and stories for people to experience in fun and interesting ways. A merging between arts, sciences and the public to shape a better future for us all.

This festival will be:

  • An open space where knowledge is shared, trading information with great minds all over the world and linking people together from different areas of research.

  • An inclusive arena for debate, open to controversial, taboo, or suppressed perspectives and topics to give a fair analysis from both sides of the aisle.

  • A stage to share and learn, one which is attractive to young and experienced minds alike; helping themgrow with new perspectives and new understanding, in this way exposing the new possibilities thatsurround us.

Hyfer acts as a strong support to its ecosystem by curating interesting activities and exciting storytelling, encouraging people to break from old paradigms and innovate.

If you want to experience something new and feel inspired, stay tuned to see what Hyfer is up to.


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