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Jazzfest 2022!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

You don’t have to wait until summer to get that festival-feeling! This week marks the much anticipated kick-off of Trondheim Jazzfest, the annual gathering that should be on everyone’s calendar, bringing together world-renowned recording artists and budding local talent in the same arena.

It’s finally here! Not everyone is aware of the power of attraction that Trondheim’s active jazz music community has internationally – how Jazzfest attracts sought-after international artists and magnetises them to Trondheim, grounding them in the decades-old NTNU Jazz music Program, while inspiring future musical prodigies. If you haven’t attended Jazzfest before, here is your chance to catch a number of exciting concerts.

Jazzfest is an inclusive space that acts as the cornerstone of many musical genres in Norway. This year’s programme is bigger than after. After an unfortunate pause from the annual spring festival, Jazzfest is returning in full force. Dating back to 1980, Jazzfest, originally called JazzMazz, has offered a broad range of musical experiences and acted as a continued attraction to Trondheim and spark in the local music community. The initial event lured visitors directly to the Student Centre Samfundet, which after 40 years has now expanded to performances scattered throughout the heart of Trondheim and around NTNUs campus.

“Get ready for massively fun experiences at any of the 15 different stages, with artist talks and workshops during the day and jam sessions lasting late into the night. This year we guarantee a 100% real jazz festival atmosphere!” - Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk, Director of Jazzfest.

(Credit: Fieh)

About the festival

This festival is an opportunity for Trondheim visitors and locals alike to immerse themselves in the artistic and cultural experience curated by Jazzfest and the NTNU’s Jazz Program. During the festival period running from May 10th to 19th, as many as 45 different events can be enjoyed in varying venues, offering something for all demographics. The list of artists and performance times can be found with the Jazzfest link below, which shows the break in festivities for the Norwegian Constitution Day and holidays from May 16th - 17th.

When JazzMazz was first emerging the acceptable prestigious music was only classical music. Public exposure to Jazz for this organized performance changed the perception of the genre at the time. Trondheim’s connection to technology allowed for the growth of music technology, however, this field began growing through the merge of the engineering school with music education. For Jazz Education to be included within the respected programs of NTNU was a statement that added value to other genres and opened up Trondheim to a world of talent. This shift was facilitated by Trondheim’s size and social nature, which both support collaboration. The community itself drove the ideal environment for cooperation between music and technology,

Must-See Events & Concerts

A week of jazz events throughout Trondheim is an ideal way to explore the music scene, the city, and discover artists, ranging from local to international. Although centred around jazz music, the festival also features other genres such as pop and rock.

Vebjørn Mamen VS. Astrid S. with NTNU Jazzensemble May 11th, 18:00 at Dokkhuset

The concept of ‘Young composer arranging local pop/rock’ continues, and this time it is Vebjørn Mamen giving his take on our very own Trønder-superstar Astrid S, together with NTNU Jazzensemble!

Jan Garbarek group featuring Trilok Gurtu, May 11th, 20:00 - 22:00 pm at Olavshallen

Jan Garbarek Group is the official opening concert for Jazzfest 2022. The group is lead by Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek, who’s music is captivatingly accompanied by Rainer Brüninghaus (piano), Yuri Daniel (Bass) and Trilok Gurtu (various percussion instruments).

Flaten & Nilssen-love’s Guts and Skins Octet, May 12th, 22:00 at Dokkhuset

One of Norway’s most celebrated rhythm sections and NTNU alumnis are here to show brand new music, alongside Guts and Skins Octet. For those looking for a high energy and playful environment, this is the concert for you!

JazzWeekend, May 14th - 15th at Studentersamfundet

Experience authentic festival vibes at Samfundet this weekend with fresh music from Rebmoe, Cosmic Swing Orchestra, Ghost-note, Kjellerbandet and many more.

International Artists

The festival accompanies local talent with visiting renowned artists from around the world, to create a mix of styles and unmissable unique experience.

Synesthetic 4

The exciting new Austrian quartet draws inspiration from hip-hop and electronic music, influencing their sound. Synesthetic 4 is able to bring jazz and classical music into an avant-garde form, with high-class entertainment and virtuosity.

(Credit: Ghost-Note)


Led by the Texas-born Snarky Puppy's multi-Grammy-winning drummer Robert Sput Searight, Ghost-Note offers a real sound-explosion of rock, funk and jazz!

All music stems from jazz, it’s more than elevator or lobby music; it is soul, passion and emotion. As the base of all music, Jazz can and should be enjoyed by all, regardless of music preference. This festival is a way to bring together and grow the community through sharing this passion and experience.

Be sure to access event discounts through becoming a JazzFest-friend!


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