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Moms of Trondheim fight for climate justice

Mother's Rebellion is a worldwide movement and the first protest in Trondheim is planned for May 13th (Photo: Mother's Rebellion, Swedish protest)

This Saturday (May 13th) the moms of Trondheim are organising a demonstration and are taking part in the worldwide Mothers’ Rebellion protest for climate justice. They would like to invite all mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents, and allies to join their cause. What is the Mothers’ Rebellion and why should you stand with them? The List spoke to mother and organiser Sara Noelani Müller to find out.

“Caring about the climate crisis is the same as loving our children and caring for their future,” says Sara. “I am deeply worried about my sons’ future. Joining Mothers’ Rebellion gives me the opportunity to express my feelings and turn them into actions.”

Sara and her son Max

The Mothers’ Rebellion is a part of Extinction Rebellion, a group of climate activists who are fighting for climate justice and a better future. They do this by protesting peacefully whilst still disrupting ‘business as usual’. The mother’s rebellion demonstrations call on caregivers specifically to fight for their own, but more importantly, their children’s future on our planet.

At the Mothers’ Rebellion demonstrations, participants sit down in a circle in a public space, peacefully protesting and helping participants and outsiders connect with the emotions brought on by the climate crisis. This circle symbolises their refusal to look away or give up and that they will do everything in their power to fight for the future of the next generation.

When asked about what she dreams to accomplish with the Mothers’ Rebellion, Sara says: “I hope that the Mothers’ Rebellion will have an impact on our politicians and policymakers and that they will take action. That it inspires other mothers and people in general to stop for a moment and reflect. We need to slow down and reduce our consumption. We need to care about our planet and our children’s future. We need to do all we can and we need to do it now.”

If you'd like to support this message, you can participate in the demonstration on Nordre Gate at 15:00 this Saturday (May 13th) and fight alongside the mothers of Trondheim for the future of children worldwide.


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