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Multiplié Dance Festival 2022

You can dance if you want to!

After a two-year break during the pandemic, Multiplié Dance Festival is making a comeback, bigger and better than ever, with a fully packed 10-day program schedule including international stars and a plethora of cultural events for dancers (and non-dancers) alike.

“Dance is its own language. We invite you to come, be inspired, and explore what this means in a space for different people, bodies and lived experiences”

- Arnhild Staal Pettersen

This year, expect to be wowed. After two-years of stay-at-home regulations and restrictive body movements, the festival expands from 4 days to 10, in a move to create an arena for socialising and introducing new audiences to choreographed dance. Celebrating movement and dance – sometimes referred to as the soul’s conversation between body and mind – Multiplié Dance Festival has prepared a program with 26 events: from dance classes, to pop-ups, to performances and workshops. There is something for everyone, regardless of your self-perceived skill-level.

Multiplié kicks off their festival running March 24th to April 3rd with a goal is to contemplate one of humans’ most biological methods of bonding and communication, the interaction between music and dance.

Multiplié Dance Festival is organised by DansiT – Regional Centre for Dance in Trondheim & Mid-Norway taking place at Rosendal Theatre. The event was started in 2004 by Inclusive Dance Company with the intention of providing a space for various able-bodied and persons with disabilities. The name comes from the ballet term, plié and aims to expand our definition of traditional dance and choreography.



  1. Move rythmically to music, typically following a sequence of steps.

  2. (of a person) move in a quick and lively way.

Curator’s tips

For busy people, unfamiliar with the region’s dance communities:

Take a stroll in Trondheim’s spring weather on Friday, March 25th to this 45-minute-long outdoor performance and wandering, starting at Småbergan, Kristiansten festning. It is bound to make an impression! SUPERNOVA’s project Pilegrim is perfect for those unfamiliar with modern dance, where attendees will wander through and around trees, trudging over and through brush, both physically and metaphorically.

For the solo traveler:

Try out one of the workshops such as Playhouse, by the Finnish company WauHaus on March 29th – 31st. Here you are encouraged to restore contact with your body and dreams. The workshop is a safe and inclusive environment, where you can let go to another sort of rhythm. Participants will be encouraged to make new connections through touch, whether it is a hug, play-flighting hand gestures, or a slow dance.

For families with kids:

Join the Suday March 27th event Chotto Xenos - Akram Kahn Company, one of the most recognised groups in modern day, visiting from the UK. The talk starting at 16:00 discusses world wars and its soldiers, exploring intergenerational topics and elements of war and realities together with those who remember World War II. This rare family-friendly performance beginning at 17:00 explores how war and conflict affect humans and surrounding societies.

For dance addicts:

Learn about the city’s local dance companies through the annual dance film competition Minimalen Short Film Festival. Or check out Mia Habib’s production ‘How to. A Score’ a macro-solo consisting of several stand-alone solos from six dance artists working with their local communinities in South Africa, France, USA, Turkey, Brazil and Norway, premiering Thursday, March 24th .

For the student population

Come on out to one of the many parties or Dj events at Rosendal theatre and try out something you haven’t before. Whether it is the festival bar at Rosendal café starting at 21:00 on most days, partner events at Svartlamoen, or DansiT’s 20th anniversary party on Saturday, April 2nd. There is no such thing as a festival without a part, and it’s cheap, or free!

Why come, and what to expect?

You can meet new people and experience new impulses. During Multiplié Dance Festival, attendees are encouraged to remove their expectation of things where you are not expected to understand dance, but rather just experience it. Dance is a portion our physical expression, from birth and even before! Movement is something that we restrict more through the aging process. What could happen if attendees let go and challenge themselves to move more freely with their body? This festival uses a number of environments, from the blackbox, to outdoor strolls, to urban spaces, in effort to help attendees reconnect with their own movement, and perhaps discover a new-found love for the thriving global community of dance.

Happy 20th Birthday DansiT! The jubilieum exhibition.

What better way to celebrate the dance organisation DansiT, who could have chosen anywhere in the world to set up shop but chose Trondheim, than by throwing a large party brining international talent to town? Saturday, April 2nd will be an evening with visual works including new aesthetics and voices, new insights from Samí work, mind-expanding talks and performances from artists such as Trond Wiger. Don’t forget, there will be music and (hopefully!) dance.


Rosendal offers a pay-what-you can system, allowing for those on lower budgets to attend free or small donation events. Tickets can be less than a trip to the cinema!

Check out the full event program and list of venues at (QR code)


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