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Places to Hang

Whether you are ‘new’ or ‘old’ in town, we at The List want to make sure you know exactly where to go to hang out in Trondheim. Pack up some food, your family or friends and try these outdoor spaces the next time you are looking for a place to relax and connect. In the true form of the Norwegian saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”, check out our list of hidden places for unexpected moments on your own or with friends, or even just to strike up small talk or share a grill.


You’ll find this location right outside of the city centre, on your way to Lade. Lademoparken has a lot of green areas and is perfect for a barbeque with friends. There are convenience stores and both fast food and fancier restaurants close by, including Taqueros that has great take-away. It is also next to Svartlamon, one of the cooler parts of Trondheim featured later in the magazine in our article on UFFA.


If you enjoy a good festival vibe, Festningen (in good weather) is the place for you. Walk straight uphill from Bakklandet and you won’t miss it. Spacy, and always filled with booming music and various smoking grills in the evening. Here you can also wander around one of Trondheim’s old fortresses from the 1600s, Kristiansten Festning. Grab food and drinks from Joker, it’s a convenience store located right next to the park as well. Remember, “Fest” is the Norwegian word for party!


This is a relatively new district in Trondheim that still maintains a sort of industrial feel. Brattøra is located right next to the seaside and has free sun chairs for you to relax in, to soak up the sun (when it’s out) with an unbeatable view. Here you can also go for a swim in the fjord at Ila Sjøbad, which is an outdoor swimming facility that is open year-round. The area is complete with outdoor grills, restaurants and ferries that take you to the other side of the fjord.


Wander into Finalebanen, right next to St. Olavs Hospital. This large park offers lots of training facilities for free. Here you can work out using a variety of outdoor training equipment, play football, volleyball, basketball and there is also good outdoor skateboarding facilities. In addition to this, there is a small cabinet with books to read for free.


Directly beneath the oldest part of NTNU’s main campus, Gløshaugen, and above Studentersamfundet, you’ll find a huge park of maintained grass where students hang out in small groupings that may end up merging into bigger outdoor parties. Høyskoleparken is in many ways the optimal park for students, where you can finish your classes at Gløshaugen and go straight to Høyskoleparken to hang out and meet people.


On the way to Byåsen and Bymarka (the city’s forest) you’ll find Ila and Ilaparken. With its beautiful scenery, mini zip-line it’s perfectly situated close in between the sea, the city and the forest. Ilaparken also has a large swing and football pitch. If you enjoy a good walk Ila is the perfect place.


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