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Plant Tips for the Winter

Now that the days are becoming shorter and colder, there is much to think about regarding our plant care so that they will make it to Easter!

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The combination of less and weaker natural light means plants grow more slowly. They don’t need as much water or plant food as they do in summer. In addition to less water and less food, there are other things we must remember:

  • Avoid putting plants on too-cold or too-warm floors, and avoid drafty areas.

  • The temperature should always be over 15 degrees but preferably 18 – 25 degrees.

  • Ideally, place plants in the area that receives the most daily light. The best is a south-facing window.

  • Dry air is a problem and you can easily solve this with a humidifier. Humidified air should be over 40% water content, which is especially important for tropical plants.

  • Use HALF as much water as you do during the summer. As a rule, you should water too little, but more often.

  • Clean the leaves regularly. Dust prevents the plants from getting nutrients from light and promotes growth of pests. This is important for every season, but especially in the winter.

  • Don’t put your plants near a wall heater, it will have difficulties “breathing.” This is not a hard and fast rule, just a good idea.

  • I have a lot of plant lives on my conscience in the last four years of trial-and-error as a gardener in Trondheim. It takes at least one winter before you know how your plants will live in a new place. Nowhere is the same, so you have to take your time to understand each and every plant and give them room to grow.

  • Overwatering is the number one killer of plants, with too-little light as a runner-up.

  • We can solve the problem of too-little light with a plant light. LED lights are what we use most, as they give less heat and last a long time.

  • If you give you and your plants a little time, light, and a little knowledge can create your perfect relationship with your plants all year. If you need any other plant tips, please contact us!

Words and image by Steinar Mostad


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