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7 best second-hand clothing stores in Trondheim

(Photo: Jéleena Rai)

For lovers of vintage fashion, Trondheim is filled with all kinds of thrift shops and second-hand stores. Whether you’re looking for that iconic vintage piece or an affordable addition to your wardrobe, this city has it all. But where to begin your hunt for preloved items?

The List did the legwork for you and checked out all the second-hand hotspots in town. Here are our top 7 second-hand clothing stores in Trondheim, in random order.

1. Kvede Second Hand Kilo Shop

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

Everything you find at Kvede Kilo Shop is a classic thrift shop item. They have a variety of options, from ‘80s windbreakers to vintage maxi skirts. Accessories and shoes are displayed on vintage furniture giving the whole shop a cohesive vibe.

Although the shop isn’t the biggest, there is a spacious area where you can try on your new finds in natural lighting. The kind employees are happy to help by looking up prices as you go, allowing you to shop as cost-effective as you want. The prices are based on weight, with the per-kilo price divided up into four different price ranges.

2. Livid

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

The next shop is a Valhalla for timeless sustainable fashion. In Livid, all pieces on the ground floor are made from durable materials constructed to last you many years. At the front of the shop, you can even witness employees working on their trademark item: the perfect pair of jeans.

In their basement, you’ll find both the shoe department as well as vintage clothes from abroad, all selected on their quality. The light, minimalistic interior with industrial furniture makes shopping here a pleasant and peaceful experience.

Next to clothing, they have a range of different products on offer that will help you keep up the quality of your clothes at home. The price range is higher here, but the quality is just as high and anything you buy here is a true investment for your sustainable collection.

3. Arven Vintage

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

On one of Trondheim centre’s side streets, you can find Arven Vintage, an atmospheric shop with a unique selling point. With sixty percent of their clothing sourced from Italy, you won’t find their items anywhere else in the city. Beautiful leather shoes, elegant blouses, and classy accessories, all with that Italian flair.

The shop is intentionally set up as a normal fashion store, rather than the organised chaos you typically find in thrift shops, to elevate your shopping experience. Combining this all with a warm, stylish interior makes Arven a hidden gem amongst Trondheim’s thrift shops.

4. UFF Second Hand

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

Located in the middle of Trondheim’s main shopping streets you can find UFF Second Hand. Whilst you peruse the many racks filled with vintage clothes soft indie-pop is playing in the background. The big windows give you both an abundance of natural light as well as a view over the shopping street from above.

This shop has plenty of room on two levels for its many items, which means there is something to be found here for everyone. The relaxed atmosphere combined with the funky patterns, bright colours, and unique styles on offer make UFF a must-go on our list.

5. Fretex

(Photo: Jéleena Rai)

For more everyday second-hand clothing Fretex is the place to be. They have a constant influx of new pieces due to the donation bins spread throughout Trondheim. You can be sure of the quality as well as affordability all throughout the colour-coordinated racks. Fretex has three stores in Trondheim alone, at Fjordgata, Arkivet, and Moholt.

For the widest range, we recommend Moholt, as they have both sportswear and wedding-appropriate clothing. Arkivet, however, is perfect for those who don’t have the time for a thrifting treasure hunt but still want to do their part for the environment as it has a sleek look and great layout. In all stores, there is also a used home interior and book section that you can browse through.

6. Kirkens Bymisjon Butikk

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

In this cosy corner shop, you can find both old and new fashion. Part of Kirkens Bymisjon is dedicated to second-hand clothing, with mainly outerwear perfect for Trondheim’s unpredictable weather. They also focus on children’s clothing, toys, and books. There is even a corner where you can take a break from shopping to relax and chat.

Kirkens Bymisjon wants to boost the community and this shop is one of their initiatives to create a fair society for all. This means that shopping here is good for your wallet, our planet, and the people of Trondheim.

7. Brukthandleriet Sirkulus

(Photo: Tamar Tros)

Last but not least, Sirkulus is a charming second-hand shop right outside the hip Bakklandet. The styles here are not the highest quality nor the latest trends, but you will find fun, interesting clothes for the lowest price.

The offer here is diverse, with a section for plus-size clothes, children’s clothes, and sportswear. This is another place where you can find used home interiors, books, and DVDs, next to clothing. Sirkulus is here for all of us who want to be fashionable on a budget.

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