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SpareBank 1 SMN Endelig Folkeliv: Trondheim Re-Opens!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Endelig Folkeliv is a new Norwegian phrase that we can all get behind. It means something like, "FINALLY, life and people return to the city!"

SpareBank 1 SMN, in collaboration with the municipality of Trondheim, Midtbyen Management, The Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Visit Trondheim, has organised a three-week long re-opening party of Trondheim that takes place during the month of October. If there is an event you can think of, Endelig Folkeliv has it! Concerts, sporting events, art exhibitions, lectures, theatre, events for kids, and Sunday-open stores all feature on their program.

The reason SpareBank 1 SMN is able to host such a gift to the city is because thirty-nine percent of their institution is owned by the local community. They asked in a survey what folks wanted the community dividends to be spent on and a whopping ten thousands responses were the same: 'get our community back on its feet!' This three-week long festival is their answer!

Here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

Through the 8th til 31st of October, you can have free delivery of anything bought in the city centre brought to your door!

On weekends during this period, there is free entry into the museums that are part of the Museums of Sør-Trøndelag, which has an English website for your perusal.

October 31st - free buses into the city centre and Sunday-open stores. A full list of stores can be found here.

October 16-17 - free thank-you concerts (Madcon, Arne Hurlen, Ida Jenshus, Charlotte Audestad, Anders Jektvik og Torstein Flakne) in Trondheim Spektrum. Experience some local, internationally-recognised artists!

October 16 - Kids entertainment at the city square (Torget): on-stage music and entertainment, and free popcorn and cotton candy. Kids' favourite Brannbamsen Bjørnis (Bjørnis the Fire Bear) will be on stage, as well as the bands Mandarinsaft and Førdrebrødrenes gateband.

October 22 - free showing (with reservation) of Walk the Line in Vår Frue Kirke

October 24 - Rosenborg/Sandefjord (free entry for families) football game, as well as free children's football activities outside the stadium

This is only a sampling of all the great events Endelig Folkeliv has to offer. Follow the link to see more.


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