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The Magic of Sverresborg Museum

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A Labyrinth of historical homes

When you think of the word museum, whatever comes to mind, there is little chance it is anywhere close to what the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Musuem is. Nestled next to Trondheim’s core, it is a magical place. Home to a labyrinth of historical homes and structures, made up of many old buildings from all over Trøndelag that have been moved to find a new life in the museum. Those that weren’t moved are historical replicas from the region. The museum has a feeling of modernised history.

Photo Creds: Wil Lee-Wright

Walking onto the museum grounds feels like stepping into a land of fantasy and you can’t help but to gape at the abundance of beauty around you. There are castle ruins sitting atop a hill with one of the most beautiful views in Trøndelag, forested paths with fairy tale statues of mythological creatures, a traditional Stave Church that smells of charred mystery, and the most heart-wrenchingly perfect apothecary one could possibly see. The backdrop that this enchanting land of wonder provides does not go to waste either.

Photo Creds: Svein Haugen

The museum boasts a catalogue of experiences that quite possibly couldn’t be improved upon. They are telling the story of the old city of Trondheim and rural life in Trøndelag in a way that is layered with weirdness and personality. You can visit the museum and have a traditional experience, walking the grounds and exploring exhibitions of artefacts and old treasures, or taking a guided tour. Or you can also take part in their medieval camps and folktale theatre, experiencing the museum through the lens of live-action roleplaying or feeding the farm animals in their beautiful gardens.

Photo Creds: Svein Haugen

The museum is beginning a new era of exploring history.

Of being able to enjoy historical grounds through the lens of music, art, theatre, and hospitality. Creating experiences that completely redefine the concept of what a museum can be.

Be sure to visit their webpage to learn more about what the museum has to offer


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