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Trondheim Green Fest - What’s at the Heart of this Upcoming Festival?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Trondheim Green Fest is a voluntary organisation that arranges an annual sustainability festival and other events throughout the year, where their focus is to inspire and motivate a greener lifestyle.

An outdoor festival with people sitting at picnic tables and with white tent booths in the background. Festningen fort can be seen in the further background with a blue sky.
A View of the Trondheim Green Fest. Photography by Trondheim Green Festival.

This means a lifestyle that is friendlier to the climate, environment, animals, and to your own health! Both guests and actors at the festival aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the importance of climate-friendly choices, in their entirety and in everyday choices.

They choose a positive approach to the topics, with tools that focus on inclusivity and engagement. The organisation aims to be a platform and meeting place for all people with curiosity and interest in a greener everyday life.

A woman giving an outdoor lecture to a group of people sitting on black chairs. With festival booths of white tents behind her. Green trees in the background.
A workshop being held at Trondheim Green Fest. Photography by Trondheim Green Festival.

The festival is inclusive for absolutely everyone. They want to let Trondheim's residents and visitors explore a greener and more harmonious lifestyle, via lectures, concerts, food courses, activities, exhibitors, and more.

Festival admission is free and of course welcomes people with different cultural and financial backgrounds, aiming to remove inequality and discrimination.

A blue food truck with a couple standing inside it. Some people are waiting in line outside of the food truck. It is outside and the sky is blue.
A Food Truck at Trondheim Green Fest. Photography by Trondheim Green Festival.

Another fun part of the festival is speed-friending, a quick way to get to know people and strengthen unity and networks. Trondheim Green Fest offers food and a sociable atmosphere to those who want to volunteer.

There are expected to be around 2,000 visitors during the festival weekend, with accessible parking and an accessible entrance at the Hjorten stage for those who require it.

Trondheim Green Fest is in collaboration with Trondheim Maraton, Trondheim Pride, and Trondheim Kuldeeksponering. They are funded by Sparebank1 Samfunnsutbytte and Trondheim kommune.

Check out their website:


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