UKA 21 // October 7 - 31

Photo: Samfundet

UKA, or “The Week,” doesn’t last for only a week! From October 7th through the 31st, Trondheim will be transformed to host the country’s largest culture festival, with concerts, events, theatre, and oh-so-many parties, as it has done every other year since 1917. This is made possible by a well-organized group of 1800 volunteers, which means this is possibly the largest dugnad in the country of dugnads. Get your fill of new Norwegian music with the soft piano tones of Konradsen, the epic joik of ISÁK, and the personal, catchy rap of Musti. Dance to the classics with Veronica Maggio and Gabrielle, then dance your eccentric-jazz-heart out to Jaga Jazzist, and end the night with discovering what the heck hides behind the moniker Tacobitch.

As is only natural for a festival 104 years in the making, there are traditions to uphold. UKErevyen will sum up the last two years with satirical sketches, the weekly weekend gala will fill Samfundet with sharply-dressed ladies and gentlemen, and the official name for UKA 21 will be properly revealed with a countdown and fireworks on the first night of the festival. If you haven’t yet been part of UKA, this autumn is the time to set things right and find out what “UKEfølelsen” (UKA-feels) really means.