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Viking Invasion at Lokal Bar-Scene-Klubb!

The List went to VIKING_DEATH_TRAP.EXE + DJ LAüGET at Lokal-Bar-Scene-Klubb June 3rd. “We came, we saw, we conquered” - not historically accurate for the vikings, but it works in this context. (This is not a quote from VIKING_DEATH_TRAP.EXE, it’s from Julius Caesar.)

Voyaging all the way from Molde to Trondheim, VIKING_DEATH_TRAP.EXE definitely left their mark on Lokal Bar og Scene (Bar & Stage). Luckily for us, there was no pillaging.

VIKING_DEATH_TRAP.EXE is a one of a kind in the Norwegian music scene with their hard extreme-trap beats, paired with unique visuals and the legendary ‘Romsdals-dialekt’. (The dialect of the people of Molde and surrounding area.)

Warming up and continuing into the later hours, DJ LAüGET made sure the atmosphere was befitting the eager crowd. Intense acid house techno. LAüGET is a non-profit organization that gives a helping hand to young up and coming artists through organizing concerts, festivals, art exhibitions and more.

Check out Lokal’s programme with upcoming events here:

All photo credit: The List


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