Meet the People

The international feel continues in the magazine office, where different nationalities currently contribute to the words, photography, and artwork in every issue. We’re always on the lookout for people with stories to tell, so hit us up if you have something to offer!

Jaya Thomlison

Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder

Jaya is a business leader and community developer with a Master’s degree in Social and Business development from NTNU, and the University of Waterloo, Canada. With a background in entrepreneurship and communications, Jaya has worked with European innovation since 2009. She is one of three original founders of DIGS innovation hub in Trondheim; Founder and Editor of The List Magazine and Tech List Magazine.

Gwen Elliott

Deputy Editor

Gwen moved from a tiny desert town in Texas to the urban sprawl of Austin for school. After studying Norwegian at university, a Fulbright scholarship brought her to Norway in 2016, when she fell in love with the country. Gwen is devoted to the written word, has published poems, and previously worked for a childhood literacy non-profit. She is mission-driven and aims to focus on accessibility and inclusivity through her work at The List.

David O. Skarbø

Marketing Strategist

David has a one-year degree in Media sociology and a Bachelor's in PR- and Market Communications from BI Oslo. David has a great interest in communications, different cultures, and new ideas. He is at his best when he can utilise his creativity. In addition to his work at The List, David plays and creates music.  Through The List, David hopes to bridge the gap between Norwegian and international students, giving them the opportunity to properly experience Trondheim, not just campus and student housing.

Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen

Media Technology Special Advisor

Editorial and commercial networker and innovation project enabler. Editor, media advisor, internationalspeaker experience, board member in multiple companies. Journalist and editor in newspapers, most of his time in Adresseavisen. Currently communication manager at the NTNU AI project Lifelong passion for news industry, freedom of speech and cooperations across companies, borders and professions. Upstream explorer of life and good vibrations.


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