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A little visit to the student-run Galleri Blunk

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The List contributor Giorgia Rota visited the student-run Galleri Blunk, a unique initiative hiding in the warm embrace of Svartlamon.

Just shortly after the railway bridge over Strandveien, in the centre of the artistic neighbourhood of Svartlamon, you’ll be able to find a little gem unique to Trondheim: Galleri Blunk. But what is it exactly that makes it so unique?

Blunk is much more than just an exhibition space. The gallery is an active non-profit community run by students from KiT, Trondheim’s art academy. It serves as an experimental field for the audience, the artists, and the organisers themselves and you can definitely feel it in the air.

On a Friday night, like the one I went visit, warm candle lights and the lively chatter of a small crowd will welcome you to explore Galleri Blunk’s weekly exhibition. The team at Blunk is extremely approachable and genuine, so it’s no wonder they’ve become respected and valued by the local art scene. And this is what lies at the heart of Blunk, a passionate connection between creative people. This is what’s kept Galleri Blunk alive and thriving since it was founded in 2002. It first began when a group of KiT students wanted to create a space completely independent from the art academy, a space for emerging artists by emerging artists.

Art installations at Galleri Blunk
Bread sculptures (left) from the New Years Gods exhibition by Mateusz Pitala. The figurines are inspired by a Slav tradition at New Year's, a symbol of life and protection against scarcity and disease. Artwork (right) from the Lodge exhibition by Kacper Tomaszewsk.

Every year, Galleri Blunk selects artists from a host of applicants to exhibit. The team carefully curates the selection to include a diverse offer, not only in terms of nationality and gender but also medium and theme. So no matter the season, you’ll always have the opportunity to experience thought-provoking new art. For example, the past semester when I attended featured explorations of grief, queerness, Sami minorities, human-animal relationships, and much more.

Galleri Blunk, exhibition space
Galleri Blunk’s space in Svartlamon provides a blank canvas for young local artists in Trondheim.

Blunk searches for people open to experiment when given the opportunity, for those driven by creative freedom. The exhibition space is a platform for different perspectives where no formula or ‘right’ way to do things exists. Each artist is given a blank slate, a completely empty room that can be used without restrictions. All they ask in return is to have the space back as they gave it (but a few extra drilling holes in the wall is completely fine).

So, don’t know what to do next weekend? Just check out what Galleri Blunk has on and drop by!


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