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Get to know Sluppen

A neighbourhood spotlight

This article originally appeared in The List Summer issue 2023 and was written in partnership with Kjeldsberg and Lager11.

Travelling south along the majestic Nidelva River, you’ll find a new city jewel in the making. Sluppen was known as a car-dominated industrial area and home to an actual junkyard, but now Kjeldsberg is transforming it into a pedestrian-loving urban centre.

Read this teaser guide and be part of this cool new adventure!

What to eat?

Mmm... yummy!

The best way to create a new meeting point in the city is through delicious food and enticing drinks – and that’s exactly what Sluppen is doing. The beating heart of the neighbourhood is without a doubt Lager11, a multi-purpose meeting point for street food, culture, and experiences.

Housed in a refurbished warehouse, Lager11 is home to Trondheim’s biggest variety of international street food vendors and a bar. You can enjoy rich Chilean empanadas, spicy Indian curry, and delicious Mexican tacos — all at the same time!

Lager11 is home to Trondheim’s biggest variety of international street food vendors.

A quick walk across the street from Lager11, you’ll find Austmann Bryggeri & TapRoom. Not only is it a great place for cosy meetups, but the bar also provides a unique insight into one of Trondheim’s local craft breweries as their incredible range of hoppy delights is brewed on location.

Close by, Pettersen & Co offers an incredible selection of premium ingredients for sale and has a terrific all-day lunch menu. Food connoisseurs can also further rejoice as Mana restaurant just opened its doors and adds a great fine dining option to Sluppen’s culinary flora.

What to do?

There are loads of outdoor activities to do in Sluppen, like disc golf!

Sluppen is next to the Nidelva River, the historical lifeblood of the city, and on its banks lies Smidalen – a hidden wooded area perfect for outdoor activities. You can have a beautiful walk along the river and test your skills using the outdoor workout machines. They’re easy to spot as they’re bright orange and right next to the communal grilling facilities, where you can have your own BBQs during those precious sunny days.

What's happening here?

Besides frolicking in nature, Sluppen offers all the activities fitting an urban centre. Lager11’s diverse event calendar is filled with festivals, exhibitions, and concerts. The Big International Quiz is held on the last Thursday of each month, led by renowned Quiz Master Scott Cody. It’s free to enter and it’s always in English! Lager11 also has a performance space called Black Box which frequently hosts concerts, club nights, and all sorts of pop-up events.

Grip Klatring is Norway’s biggest climbing centre — and it's located right next to Lager11 in Sluppen.

Next door is Grip Klatring, Norway’s biggest climbing centre. Grip is the perfect venue to dip your toes into the inviting world of climbing as it caters to all levels. However, if you prefer to spend your time outside, you can take a spin around the Sluppen Diskgolfpark – a ‘golf course’ where you use frisbees instead of golf balls and clubs. It’s completely free, all you need is to bring your own frisbees!

What to see?

Street art is an important aspect of Sluppen, like you can see from the front of Faktry, Sluppen's startup hub.

Since the beginning of Sluppen’s journey from junkyard to junction, art has been embedded in its DNA. Everywhere you go, you’ll find powerful street art as local artists have been invited to make their mark on the developing urban hub.

The pink square is another facet of Sluppen’s creative identity. The central point of the neighbourhood was given a creative makeover by street artists to transform boring grey parking spots into a colourful and lively meeting point. There are more outdoor art projects in the works, but indoors Lager11 displays works by local artists and hosts art-related events, especially in Black Box.

This article originally appeared in The List Summer issue 2023 and was written in partnership with Kjeldsberg and Lager11.


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