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Regional Spotlight: Top 9 things to do in Midtre Gauldal

This article was written in partnership with Midtre Gauldal.

Norway is famous for its huge forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers. You probably already knew this, but did you know that just an hour outside of Trondheim, you have full access to all this? Midtre Gauldal is a gem of preserved nature and Norwegian history.

Gauldalsporten at Prestteigen in Støren is a great starting point for adventures in Midtre Gauldal. Here you can do your provisions shopping, get something to eat, or grab a coffee. You can also hang out in the green oasis towards the river, while you explore countless possibilities, and get ready for your next adventure.

Beginning your journey

How to get to Gauldalsporten

Just 5 ‘Scandinavian miles’ (or 50 km) south of Trondheim, you will find Prestteigen. Prestteigen is the spot where the rivers Sokna and Gaula meet, and it’s located right next to the E6. This makes it an easy location to get to by multiple forms of transport:

  • Bus: From Trondheim city centre you can take bus number 340 to Støren Rådhus, and from there it is only a ten-minute walk to get to Prestteigen.

  • Train: You can take both the R70 and the F6 trains from Trondheim Central Station to Støren.

  • Car: By car it’s about 45 minutes, and since it’s right next to the E6, it's an easy drive. If you are going with a group and really want to experience as much as possible, renting a car for the weekend might be a good idea.

What is Gauldalsporten?

Gauldalsporten is the new meeting place at Prestteigen in Støren, and the former Gaula Natursenter. This summer from June 1 to August 31, Gauldalsporten will be testing out new exciting concepts, working towards the finalisation of the project next summer. In addition to being a physical location, Gauldalsporten is also a brand-new website, serving as an informational hub on the going-ons, food & drink, activities, experiences, and offerings in the area.

Outside areas

Next to the shops and restaurants, there will be an outside area, perfect for a pitstop. Towards the river is a nice recreational area, with possibilities for both moving around and taking it easy.

Indoor meeting spot and café

Inside Gauldalsporten you can buy coffee, drinks, and something to eat. There will also be possibilities for outdoor serving. Sit down and enjoy the view, or participate in interesting experiences.

Local food & produce

The providers of local produce in Gauldalen have organised to make it easier for you to get your locally produced products. This summer there will be a market for local produce at Gauldalsporten. Midtre Gauldal is well known for its cured meats, local brews, and traditional dishes. Have you for instance tried Elk-soup? Learn more about local food & produce in Midtre Gauldal at

Offerings at Prestteigen

Here you will find everything you need to set out on — and continue — your adventures; bakeries, cafés, shoe stores, sports stores (where you can buy outdoor equipment and gear), convenience stores, a gas station, and tons of local knowledge.


1. Fishing in one of Norway’s best salmon rivers

The salmon season lasts from June 1 to August 31. The Gaula River is a very attractive river for salmon fishing, and last year there were 50,000 “laksedøgn'' in Gaula. A “laksedøgn'' is a 24-hour period of salmon fishing. Gaula River has a salmon-leading stretch of 110 km and is considered to be one of the best rivers for fishing Atlantic salmon in both Norway and the world.

If you are planning on checking it out, a stop by Prestteigen and Gauldalsporten is recommended. There are fishing opportunities all along the river, so don’t worry about a shortage of fishing spots!

Elveguiden has all the information you need to know on fishing in Gaula, like maps, water flows, regulations, and more. You can also purchase the Gaula Card (fishing license) on their website.

2. Bicycling

Bring or rent a bicycle and ride along the beautiful shieling valleys among the grazing sheep and cattle.

3. Paddling / Kayaking

Midtre Gauldal offers some of Norway’s most impressive rivers, in addition to other bodies of water. This makes it an excellent location for paddling and kayaking — with routes fit for both the experienced and the first-timer.

4. Hiking

Forollhogna National Park is located in Midtre Gauldal. This mountain area is surrounded by valleys and is still being used for pasture and shieling operations. The area is known for its vast number of wild reindeer and optimal conditions for plants and wildlife.

Forollhogna National Park contains no tourist huts, nor marked paths, which makes it a perfect location for exploration and becoming one with nature. Forollhogna is also known as ‘The Kind Mountains’ - meaning you don’t need to be an expert to go hiking there.

5. Storbekkøya Museumsseter

Experience the old way of Norwegian living at Storbekkøya Museumsseter. ‘Seter’ is the Norwegian version of a shieling. Storbekkøya Museumsseter serves ‘seterkost’ (traditional Norwegian food) during weekends all summer and is a stop on the pilgrimage route towards Nidaros (Trondheim).

6. Støren Church

Visit an old Norwegian wooden church, in the shape of an octagon!

7. Visit the producers

Learn about local produce and food culture by visiting the farms and production facilities in Midtre Gauldal. You can find more information at

8. Fun places to stay

Gammeltunet is a preserved old farmstead in Midtre Gauldal, and it has received status as a national cultural site from the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. A fun and different place to spend the night, and a nice break from the camping life. For more information check out

The Hut in the Tree: Spend the night in Trøndelag’s first tree-top-cabin, in Soknedal, Midtre Gauldal. The cabin itself is built into pine trees and the cabin's foundation is 7 metres above the ground (22,9 feet)! The cabin hosts a total of 7 beds. For more information check out

Huts, but not in the trees. There are multiple options for renting cabins in Midtre Gauldal. Rent a cabin deep in the Norwegian woods or by the perfect fishing spot. For more information check out

And of course; the nature in Midtre Gauldal makes for optimal camping conditions. Bring a tent for rainy days, and sleep under the stars in your hammock when the rain calms down.

9. Find events you love!

There are a great many interesting events going on in Midtre Gauldal all year round. For example on Saturday, August 26th, you can enjoy Bør’s Market between 10:00-15:00. It's a good old-fashioned market day. High-quality local produce and activities for all ages.

For more events check out and you can find all the information you need on!

This article originally appeared in The List Summer Magazine 2023 and was written in partnership with Midtre Gauldal.


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