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Regional Festival Guide & Activities

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Festival Guide


JULY 28 – AUG 3

Olavsfest, Trondheim

The ever-popular Olavsfest is back for more. As one of Trondheim’s biggest festivals, there are plenty of unmissable events during the five-day festival period. Consisting of family-friendly events, impeccable late-night concerts, high-quality educational talks; As well as pilgrimages and religious services, cultural manifestations with color and flavor, rhythm and stillness, joy and meditation – in short, you’re in for an unparalleled moving experience.

Here is where you’ll be given the opportunity to broaden your horizons and strengthen your faith – whether in God or people, or in the world as a place where we may discover meaning in our own manner, in our own time. Olavsfest is a value-based gathering space that accepts rather than excludes and emphasizes the significance of faith, HOPE, and justice via the use of art and culture that expands our world of imagination.

JULY 29 – AUG 10

Totsåsrock, Sørsetra, Lierne

Totsåsrock is the hard-rock and metal festival in the wilderness and features nine hard-hitting bands. This camping festival is hard-core but you don’t need to be rock-hard to belong and enjoy the concerts and festivities.

Photo Credit: Ole Martin Wold


AUG 3 – 6

Frøyafestivalen, Frøya

This picnic concert is a very safe and comfortable way to get outside and have a concert experience. The three-day festival will display a pyro show and fireworks, after full days of live music and good fun.


Trondheim Sommertid, Trondheim

Trondheim Sommertid has world star headliner Justin Bieber accompanied by Tems, Gabrielle, and Mimi Webb. Gabrielle is Norway’s very own electropop singer. The event takes place at the peak of the summer and overlooks the Trondheim Fjord.

Photo Credits: Dean Sheridan

AUG 19 – 20

Pstereo, Trondheim

This year is Pstereo’s 15th anniversary, and the celebration will not disappoint. The alternative music festival is one of central Trondheim’s largest and looks onto the Fjord from the marina. Get ready to experience a moving performance from Sigrid, Girl In Red, Future Island, DumDum Boys, Wolfmother, and many more anticipated performers.


SEPT 2 – 3

Festningen Festival, Trondheim

Attend one of Central Norway's largest music festivals to enjoy a crazy line-up of artists all whilst having a great view of the city.

SEPT 2 – 4

Festival of Jewish Culture, Trondheim

The Festival of Jewish Culture is making its return! It is your opportunity to participate in and learn more about the culture, in a high-energy and interactive way. This year will feature artists from all over to deliver the most authentic cultural experience. Expect delicious traditional Jewish meals, dancing, and practice!

Photo Credits: Mr. Yoshi

SEPT 2 – 11

Trondheim Pride, Trondheim

The parade will take place on the 10th of September at Trondheim Torg and will include many community members, performers, and cheering crowds, as well as a rainbow fair at 10 AM at Nidaros Cathedral. Later in the day, there will be a Pride Party, open to everyone who participates as part of Pride, at 7 PM at Byscenen.

SEPT 3 – 4

Trondheim Green Fest, Trondheim

Trondheim Green Fest is a voluntary organisation that arranges an annual sustainability festival and other events throughout the year, where the focus is to inspire and motivate a greener lifestyle. This means a lifestyle that is friendlier to the climate, environment, animals, and to your own health!

SEPT 18 – 25

Kamfest – Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, Trondheim

The internationally recognised festival is back with an innovative program and set list, filled with gastronomic and artistic experiences. The week will be a treasure hunt of events scattered around the city centre. This will include the festival opening “Wandering Concert” at K-U-K and an evening concert at one of Trondheim’s highly-rated restaurants, Credo.


Trondheim Craft Beer Festival, Trondheim

The Craft Beer Festival is the latest addition to Trondheim’s festival scene. The festival has expanded to feature 17 breweries and street food stands from eight restaurants, with food influences from all over the world. The festival is made up of three ticketing sections. The blue ticket refers to the early time slot, 12 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.; the green ticket refers to the later session, 5 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.; while the red ticket includes access to both time slots for the entire duration of the festival.

Photo Credits: Wil Lee-Wright


Trondheim Tribute Festival, Trondheim

The Tribute tour is making the rounds and after last year’s trip to Oslo, it is Trondheim’s turn. The 18-plus concert is set to wow the audience with a performance by Dirty Deeds, a tribute to ACDC, who are stopping off while on their 25th-anniversary tour. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to rock’n’roll with Van Halen tribute band Fan Heller; Mötley Crüe tribute band Generation Swine [], and many more iconic tribute artists.

Activities Guide

Leka Roundtrip by Bike

Biking around the Leka municipality in Trøndelag is a wonderful way to explore the island villages and this area of Norway’s nature. As a break, take a stop at the stone centre, then end your trip at Lekamøya eatery.

Mushroom Picking Tour with Experience Flatanger

From July to September, you can go on a guided tour of Flatanger combined with an educational edible mushroom walk. During the hike, you will identify and harvest mushrooms, and if you are up for it, berries too.

Photo Credits: Wil Lee-Wright

Camping in Stokkøya

Camping near the beach at Stokkøya is a Trøndelag summer classic and a lovely way to view the coast and everlasting midsummer sunsets. You can set up a tent in the camping areas, which have shower and bathroom access, or rent a coastal house for a more comfortable experience.

Museene I Sør-Trøndelag (MiST)

The Museums of Southern Trøndelag (MiST) is one of the region’s largest cultural institutions, consisting of 12 museums and 25 visiting attractions. By caring for and collecting cultural heritage, MiST disseminates knowledge about Norwegian art and cultural history through exhibitions, publications, and a variety of public programs tailored to various target audiences.

Photo Credits: Wil Lee-Wright

Vang Burial Site Oppdal

This beautiful forest, once a site of public Viking burials, is a grave site to explore Viking culture. You can learn about the importance of the grave placement, Viking rituals, and the history that lives on in this area of Oppdal.

Thomasgaarden Gallery Røros

This half café, half art gallery, is the perfect spot to visit while in Røros. The gallery consists of an exhibition of a preserved home of a miner from 300 years ago. The café is a nice way to view the gallery and have a good cup of coffee.

Stiklestad National Culture Centre

Looking to explore some medieval grounds and have some fantastical fun? At Stiklestad, you can explore the medieval farm, the 12th-century church, and St. Olav’s chapel to learn about the history behind the cultural centre.

MS Fæmund II in Røros

Every day in the summer, the MS Fæmund II sails around Femund – Norway’s second-largest natural lake. MS Fæmund II sets off from Synnervika quay at 9 a.m. and explores various docking spots along the lake. The boat serves local dishes, waffles, beer, and wine.

Rypetoppen Adventurepark

This family-friendly, all-ages spot is Trøndelag’s best climbing park. There are high-hanging trails, team-building activities, and forest exploration!

Photo Credits: Jan Ove

Lierne National Park

If the unique glacial landscape of Lierne national park isn’t enough to make it a high-listed destination spot, then the views of the mountain range sure will. The park is well protected and has minimal visitor enhancement with beaten path boundaries, allowing the wildlife to excel.

White-water Rafting on Driva

Opplev, located in Oppdal, offers a rafting tour on the Driva River. From the raft, you can see the beautiful natural sites while having an exhilarating experience.

Photo Credits: Jeleena Rai

Cave Exploring at Mokk Farm

Bordering on Skjækerfjella National Park, you can find Mokk Farm Mountain. Here, you can explore the caves, swim, and have waterfall showers.

Kayak & Paddleboard on the Fjord

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are active ways to explore the fjord in a sustainable and affordable way. The wide, two-person sea kayaks are designed for stability in higher risk expeditions and allow for rigorous fjord exploring. The paddleboard excursions on the other hand consist of a higher dunk potential and cover fewer sights with some more foolish, child-like fun. Kayak and stand-up paddleboard adventures can be found at Trondheim Kayakk.

Photo Credits: Jarle Hagen


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