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Sustainable living in Trondheim - on a budget

Oceans are rising and so is the cost of living. This makes it more and more challenging for the climate-conscious individual to live green without going broke in the process. Here are a few ways in which you can live more sustainably in Trondheim whilst saving money.

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Before buying the things you need brand-new, take a moment to see whether you can borrow them instead. Trondheim has many places where you can borrow all kinds of items, from toys to tools.

At Trondheim’s public library, not only can you borrow books, but also tools, electric bikes, and plant seeds for your garden. The seeds are part of a circular system in which you harvest a new batch from the plants you have grown with the borrowed seeds. The new seeds go back to the seed library where someone else can use them. Soon enough, the whole community of Trondheim will be connected through this network of plants!

For all parents, grandparents, and caregivers, I recommend going to the Miljøbarn. This non-profit organisation offers various events where kids can learn about sustainability in a playful manner. Next to this, they have a toy rental system, reducing the consumerism that comes with raising children. On top of this, your child will learn that when they return their beloved toy, another kid will get to play with it and enjoy it.

BUA in Leangen is also a great initiative which rents out outdoor and sports equipment for free!

You don't need to buy everything you need. There are a ton of options to borrow great stuff for free/cheap in Trondheim!(Photo: Trondheim Library)

More plants, less waste

The production and transportation of food is a major polluter of our planet. Yet, roughly a third of all food produced for our consumption ends up wasted. Luckily, Trondheim has several initiatives to reduce waste and promote local, seasonal, and affordable produce.

One of those is Too Good To Go, an international organisation that helps the food industry give away their leftovers instead of throwing them out. This gives you the opportunity to receive a surprise pack of food from your favourite restaurant or store for a significantly lower price.

For fresh local produce, there is Rågo. This company offers a variety of boxes to choose from, filled with seasonal veggies and local delicacies from all over Trøndelag. This way you can eat healthy, flavourful food whilst supporting local farms and businesses.


To reduce our impact on the climate we can also change the way we make our way through Trondheim and what we do with our trash. In this city, there are many ways to get from A to B and just as many ways to give your scraps a second – or even circular – life.

You can get around Trondheim by hopping on a scooter or grabbing a city bike. They can be found all over the city and are ideal for exploring the centre on a summer’s day. If you’re feeling sporty, you can also turn your jogging into plogging: going for a run whilst picking up trash and making sure it ends up in the proper bins.

Don’t forget about Norway’s system for recycling plastic bottles and cans at your local supermarket, to get back the bit of money you paid extra at check-out. Other items you may otherwise throw away can be reused to be donated.

Old textiles are ideal to reuse as cleaning rags or make-up remover pads, or, if you’re feeling creative you can make a whole new garment out of a patchwork of your old clothes. Furniture or other household items can be brought to second-hand shops or resold on the internet.

Start today!

These were our tips for sustainable living on a budget. Together we can reduce the strain put on planet Earth, one step at a time. So don’t hesitate to share your own tips and learn from others to make Trondheim more sustainable!

This article originally appeared in The List Summer issue 2023.

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