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Discover an immersive new world at Trondheim's Festival of Jewish Culture

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Have you ever joined a Jewish folk dance or sung Yiddish songs? The Festival of Jewish Culture Trondheim 2022 is your chance. The festival is packed with experiences to expand your understanding of Jewish culture as well as build bridges between Jewish cultural and religious practice and Norwegian multicultural society.

A band with a violin, bass, accordion in front of pews of people.
Photography by the Festival of Jewish Culture Trondheim.

“We want all kinds of people to come to the festival and experience it together."

“We want all kinds of people to come to the festival and experience it together,” says Rita Abrahamsen, the Director of the festival. “This way, everyone can have a common experience of Jewish culture together. It’s a great way of learning, without being taught.” And there is a lot to experience.

At the festival, you can discover how Jewish religion, language, tradition, and history have influenced dance, song, art, and more, stimulating new expressions.

“It’s a great way of learning, without being taught.”

Come along to a concert by the Budapest Klezmer Band, an energetic group playing traditional Jewish klezmer music. This fast-paced, mix of clarinet, accordion, violins, and drums can’t help but get you dancing.

A band with a clarinet, accordion and bass playing on stage with a couple people dancing in front of the pews of people that face towards the stage.
Photography by the Festival of Jewish Culture Trondheim.

You can even learn to sing Yiddish songs with a Nordic influence alongside Louisa Lyne, an established singer and performer who has already introduced these songs to a broad Swedish audience. If that’s not enough, there’s always Yiddish tango – a unique combination of Slavic and Jewish elements mixed with Argentine influence.

In case you’re in need of something calmer, there’s plenty to keep you interested. Join the city walk through Trondheim’s Jewish Quarter and grab a coffee with Daniel Johansen, an art historian and associate professor at NTNU.

Or visit the art exhibition on the third floor of the synagogue. At each of these events, there is the opportunity to discover more about the history of the Trøndelag Jews. Find out where they come from and why they established themselves in Trondheim.

Of course, the festival wouldn’t be complete without some traditional Jewish food to enjoy, from bagels at the synagogue to the traditional Shabbat night. This popular event will serve a four-course dinner from the Jewish kitchen and will keep everyone entertained with celebratory klezmer music.

“This year the festival will be celebrating the third part of its 10-year anniversary. The actual anniversary was held in 2020” explains Rita. “It’s great that this year we can do so much more!”

So come along and enjoy the music, talks, exhibitions, and stories. There is plenty to experience together!

Festival Details


Friday September 2 - Sunday September 4 2022


  • Saturday day pass 850 NOK

  • Sunday day pass 850 NOK

  • Individual events free or ticketed separately


Various Locations


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